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My Prince/ My Princess ribbon

Product no.: 75

High quality and simply stunning, 15mm woven tape ribbon in a choice of 2 colours for "my princess" and a blue " my prince" Will add value, and originality to any hand made item. 2m supplied for price shown
from £2.99 *

Original British ribbon

Product no.: 74

In a variety of very original designs, this high quality 15mm woven ribbon will add a high end finish to any hand made item. Stay original! 4m per roll, 6 designs to chose from.
from £5.99 *

Home sweet home ribbon

Product no.: 76

A high quality, woven ribbon. 15mm wide. Available in charcoal or red writing, will add value and make your hand made items stand out from the crowd.
£5.50 *

Its a boy / Its a girl ribbon

Product no.: 77

New baby organza ribbon. It's a boy (on blue organza) or Its a girl (on pink organza)
£0.40 *

Baby ribbon

Product no.: 80

Baby organza ribbon. 10mm wide, 75p per meter
from £0.75 *

Tiny Hands and Tiny feet ribbon

Product no.: 81

Tiny Hands and Tiny feet woven ribbon 12mm wide 50p meter
from £0.50 *

double faced satin ribbon 10mm

Product no.: 84

double faced satin ribbon 10mm. Generous 25m roll works out at just 16p a meter! Available in lots of colours
from £3.99 *

double faced satin ribbon 3mm

Product no.: 85

double faced satin ribbon 3mm. Generous 25m roll works out at just 10p a meter! Available in lots of colours
from £2.50 *

New Made in Wales... or Scotland, or England!

Product no.: 221

Stunning woven tape which will make your products stand out from the crowd at very little cost per item. 5 metres of tape costs just £5. We haven't counted but guess there are at least 10 "made in wales" (etc) per metre. So that means 50 labels for £3 which is just 6p per label! Please note there is a minimum purchase of £5 in the online shop (before postage)
from £3.00 *

Woven ribbon with stitching detail

Product no.: 78

15mm ribbon with stitching detail £1 per meter
from £1.50 *

Wire pack of 2

Product no.: 891

Pack of 2 wires, one gold and one silver, perfect for your crafting needs

£1.50 *

Handmade with love ribbon

Product no.: 79

A high quality, woven ribbon with "handmade with love" detailing.
£1.50 *
Not including delivery