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DecoArt Chalkboard paint

Product no.: 547

Non-toxic black chalkboard paint. Once dry, chalk on, and wipe off, time and time again! Can be used on wood, canvas, plaster, paper mache, walls, posterboard, terra cotta and more Durable finish, Perfect for kids' rooms or playroom walls too!
£2.75 *

POSCA paint pen fine tip

Product no.: 548

WRITE, DRAW, PAINT, DECORATE, MARK. Posca's extra-fine calibre tip is ideal for professionals such as graphic designers to produce technical drawings and rough sketches. Posca is also ideal for creative crafts hobbyists for scrapbooking or making greeting cards. Artists will also appreciate Posca for the ideal finish, defined details and outlines.

from £2.99 *

Deco-art Acrylic paint

Product no.: 721

Crafters acrylic is a standard acrylic which is designed to brush out smoothly and evenly. 



Product no.: 543

 Snow-Tex products are white, texturizing products that create dimensional effects like snow and stucco on most craft surfaces. Apply with a brush to any craft project such as snowflakes. If you want to add sparkle, try sprinking glitter ( or the ultimate glitter, glamour dust) into the product before it dries. RRP£3.49

£2.99 *

Dazzling Metallics paint

Product no.: 546

Dazzling Metallics is a high quality acrylic paint. This all purpose water based paint can be used for decorative painting home decor and general craft painting projects. The dazzling metallic’s range is non toxic and leaves a professional looking finish. This paint can be used on almost any surface and can be used by artists of any ability. Contains 59 ml of paint Check out this video, impressive!
from £2.75 *

Glamour dust ultra fine glitter paint

Product no.: 545

Glamour dust ultra fine glitter paint is a high qualiity paint which dries to a non crack finish, and is suitable for almost any surface.

from £2.75 *

Decoart snow writer

Product no.: 544

Write or draw to add dimensional designs to ornaments, scrapbooks, gift bags, cards and most other surfaces. If desired sprinkle with Glamour Dust while wet to add sparkle to projects.

£2.45 *
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